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About Our Company

Bitcoin Invest4u Ltd. is founded in 16.06.2016 as a finance company. As short (Btcinv4u) is a Canadian based company. We proposes long-term profit plans to our investors with our expert team. We utilize our investments in Bitcoin/Litecoin mining and trade, short term bitcoin lending plans (to market).

We have hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world. Our goal is to provide the best financial solutions so that our customers can get rich without taking any risk. Our customers have been continually paid out hundreds of dollars every day since 2016. We are the only company in the market which has so long financial solvency.

You may find our profit rates a little lower since we provide real investment plans because we do not sell dreams! We share a real and reliable trading profit rates!

multiple payment methods

We mostly use cryptocurrency for our transactions for now. You can invest us by using Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Guaranteed Profits

Guaranteed profits through sound professional personal investment management. With long-term investment you can have stable and reliable profits.

Professional Management

A professional management team to support you and your investments. Experienced finance specialists manage investment portfolios.

Investment Model

We share the profit rates of a real and reliable system to investors. Our investment models, Bitcoin/Litecoin mining and trade, short term bitcoin lending plans (to market). You can review our plans and send us your questions on any subject you are wondering.

Investment plans




Total Deposited: $100733343.64 Total Payments: $26433015.80 Running Days: 547 Total Investors: 688 Visitors Online: 8